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July 16, 2005
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To the Death -fin- by Ann-Chovi To the Death -fin- by Ann-Chovi
Spectre glared at the figure that lurked just beyond clear view, hidden in untrustworthy shadows. His teeth clenched tightly in quiet anger. He was seething with fury, yet remained perfectly composed, poised, and ready to strike.

A shrill laugh came from the writhing darkness as the flames shot higher, higher into the sky, which was now an angry red with the setting of the sun. The whole world seemed ablaze.

"What's the matter Spectre?" The mocking voice echoed from everywhere, "are you so unwilling to fight your father?"

A flash of flame in a previously unlighted corner, A flash of green cloth and rusty red fur. The cloaked echidna narrowed his scarlet eyes- focusing on the spot. "You're not my father," he whispered to himself...

The chase was on.


I'm... a bit iffy about posting this one. I worked hours upon hours on it, and I still feel like it's missing something. But I'll but it up anyway, because you guys have waited long enough since I posted the sketch back in April. =/

I still have the (too many layered) file saved, comments, suggestions, and any critique you could give me are VERY much appreciated. I wanna know what seems to be missing dangit! *flails*

Oh, tried a new coloring technique for the characters with this too. =3

(yes I know, lame story, but I am teh suckage at writing battle scenes =/)
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stormgurl101 Jan 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
this is beyond awesome, There's really no flaws to this picture.
And it's amazing how detailed everything is from the smoke to both of their expressions. Its a really spactacular drawing and is now going to my favorites!
bawls34 May 2, 2012
nice work, the background i think is actually the best piece in this, it sets the tone for the whole "final battle".
Elite-Fighter Apr 7, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Spectre:*sounds like Tails from Tails' Nightmare* You again?!!! GO AWAY ALREADY!!!
Tobor: I come in peace, I am not Kragok, I am Tobor...
Spectre: Oh, okay. NOW GET OUTTA HERE BEFORE I MURDER YOU!!!! *holds katana*
Jetstreamx Oct 27, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is quite amazing. I love the work in the foreground although the background feels increadibly rushed and lacking. I love this though. It's been never that I saw a Spectre fanart that made me go wow. Not only that but the little bit of literature you came up with to go with this is nice and gives the picture more feeling. I love it.
All I have to say is hellyes. Granted, I'm biased (I have been SUCH a big Knuckles fan since... since he was created, really, and have most of the comics). BUT. Beautiful pic either way. :D
There just has ta be a teeny bit of reflected light on the lower body parts of the villan character. Even untrustworthy shadows can still reveal the hidden truths...just barely enough to propel the viewers eye back through the heart of the good guy and on towards victorious defeat.
black-nights Jul 17, 2005   Traditional Artist
Oh my god. It looks so amazing!! :+favlove: Nothings missing there!
AdamMeyers Jul 17, 2005  Student Photographer
thats maddness i love it !
I think it looks brilliant ^^, the colours and the lighting are fab ... and i think i wouldnt mind hearing the story either :D I dont know, but you always seem to surpass excellence with these brotherhood works :aww: :+favlove:

-=Gets out critiqeing specs, seeing as you asked for opinions=-

If it feels like its missing something then that might be because all of the action is in the bottom right corner, that left hand side (although it has great scenery) could probably contribute more to the pic. Im not quite sure what to put in there though >< mebbe side-by-side faded pics of moritori and tobor in the background (from before they got buried and switched in the comics)?

I dunno, just a suggestion ^^;
TerdBurgler Jul 16, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, very nice effects. The overall atmosphere is awesome. Amazing work yet again!
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